We have been focused on care projects for many years and we believe we can bring significant added value to care clients.

 We offer a service that delivers all aspects of the process from inception to completion but within that offers benefits in addition to a standard service.

 On recent projects, for example, we have been able to:

  • Increase the floor area of a planning consented care home in Green Belt by 300m2 and obtain a new permission,

  • Quickly revise and re-plan a consented care home from internal layouts for one potential end-user to another with only non-material amendments to planning permission,

  • Design a care home and assisted living development in a complex site to accommodate a 64 bed care home, 8 care suites and 34 assisted living apartments – where the original client expectation was for only a 63 bed care home and 24 assisted living units.

  • Significantly redesign an extra care development for significant benefit in gross \ net ratio.

  • Understand the topical issues of rising costs for care operators in a climate of falling fees and the necessity for build costs to be optimum.

  • Design a unique dementia home that will act as a blueprint for the future for its operator.

 We will explore such potential benefits for any project as we lead the design solution from site assessment to building hand-over. By listening to client aspirations and by offering clear advice based on our depth of experience we will achieve the best results for the building design, the client’s brief and the end users.

We bring a depth of knowledge from our history in the care sector where we have seen aspirations change and develop over time and where innovation and new thinking must inform each project. We continually monitor related legislation, information exchanges, peer groups projects and operators’ business plans to ensure that our involvement in projects is based on current thinking and can anticipate future trends.